Summer of 2013

Layers is a digital publishing platform aimed at bringing books to life for both readers and authors. Built on web standards, this cross-platform responsive web app allows authors to update their ebooks more easily than many competing publishing platforms. Readers can engage with each other and the author through social features. The books support embedded multi-media files and content. 


  • User Interface Design
  • Product Conceptualization

On this project, I played a key role in developing the Layer's interface for both the phone and tablet. My designs were able to give the development team and company investors a clearer picture of the how the user would interact with the product. After my consultancy with Layers, the company's development team used my designs as the basis for the product.  

Brent is a phenomenal user interface and user experience designer. He immediately focused on figuring out the core problem Layers is trying to solve for readers and how to position the user experience to be simple and intuitive. Once the design phase of the project started, Brent created many concepts to further refine the design including a detailed vision for how the design scales across web, mobile, and tablet.
— Evan Rosenbaum, CEO of Layers, Inc.