Architizer Source

Source is a new product from Architizer that allows architects to crowdsource their product and material research using our database of sales reps.

Project List View

An architect's main dashboard in Source is the Project List View. Here, they can view all of the projects within their firm.

Project View

The project view allows the architect to manage the list of products that need to be found and the conversation that are being had between the firm and sales reps for each product request. In the conversation thread, users can send structured data to each other, which allows Source to parse and represent data across the app and notifications in a highly optimized way.

Opportunity Feed

Though most sales reps find the product requests that are relevant to them through email, they can also check the site using the opportunity feed. Here they can search and filter across different sets of criteria.

Opportunity View

Clicking on a product request on the Product Request Feed takes the sales rep to the Product Request View. Here, they can assess the request's product criteria, ask the architect questions in a public Q&A, and privately respond to the request, sending a product to the architect's side.