Architizer / News

Architizer began as a news site to tell the world about the best architecture. The sections of the platform that still directly follow that mission are important for everyone at Architizer. Unfortunately, these designs never made it to the engineering team because we needed to continue our engineering focus on Source.

News Feed

The news feed is also the platform homepage. When I set out on the redesign of this page, I focused on making the Architizer brand extremely clear to the user. This was a moment where we could check back in on the status of the Architizer brand and re-introduce it in an elegant way.

I also set out to make each object from the database that our editors chose to surface to the home have a unique design. This way, the user can better understand what they are looking at.

Article View

Architizer's products and products database are brought to life in News, the original content and database curation section of the platform. On this project, we developed strategies to let our content breathe with a flexible content grid. The content grid allows our writers and editors to choose different content types and assign them a size. The size determines how the content is presented across any screen size.

We also wanted to give readers a clear place to find related content from our database which has been mentioned in the article. This was critical since our goal as a company is that the architectural and products databases will become more and more valuable to our users over time and that more of our users will start exploring our databases on their own.

Article Image View

For our image modal, I gave core calls to action a place to reside that our users could see more clearly. I also gave the conversation area some room to breathe so that users would be able to focus on the conversation when they wanted to engage in it.

Article Search

On Architizer, it's important that no matter where a user finds themselves, it's always possible to find related content. Before this design, if a user was looking at all articles in a particular category, there was no interface on the page that allowed them to sort the content, filter the content by search keyword, or switch or expand the category filter.